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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Amcorp Mall Flea Market On-line

Amcorp Mall, is developed in mid 1997, is strategic prime location in Klang Valley between Klang and Kuala Lumpur. the highway connect to reach Amcorp Mall via the Federal Highway.

Amcorp Mall inside the block with 5-storey retail mall. Amcorp Mall transfer the place on open Weekend (Saturday/Sunday) to Flea Market in 1998, the first flea market in Klang Valley With well over 300 stalls. 

Most stalls are set up on the lower ground floor to third floor but every level is packed with tables and chairs hugging the sides to create space for shoppers to browse around an average of around 300 tables. 

Amcorp Flea Market has become a popular gathering place or unconventional shopping for collectibles like coins, stamp, old watches and antique enthusiasts.  

What's so special about this Amcorp Flea Market?

Amcorp Flea Market the focus selling or trade all goods manner of like : 
-Arts and Crafts
-Old CD, Vinyl Records 
-Collectibles Toys
-Old Magazine and Books 
-Household products
-Old Coins and Currency Notes
-Vintage Collectible Pens
-Gems and stone    
-Antique jewellery
-Vintage Camera
   -Old Furniture's
   -Thai Amulets and Talismans 
   -Leather items
   -Second hand goods 
The flea market draws crowds on weekends mainly Sunday. While most bargain shoppers are cost conscious or finding collectibles items, Vendors open to bargaining. Prices here are far more affordable can negotiable, with prices vary according to quality and grade.

There is few cafes and kopitiam around the mall for bargain shoppers to take a break and rest tired feet.  
How to go Amcorp Flea Market ?

This place easily accessible via Federal Highway through Jalan Timur and Persiaran Barat. Alternatively you can take the Light Rail Transit (LRT) on the Putra Line to the Taman Jaya station and can walk from the Taman Jaya Putra 
LRT station taking 10 minutes away. The mall is easily accessible by public transport. 

How to order and book the stall ?

Anyone can set up a stall in the Amcorp flea market.   
You just need to book the stall by contact the management 
office on Tuesday for the week. 

-Book only Saturday, Payment is RM 50 
-Book only Sunday, Payment is RM80 
-OR Book for Saturday and Sunday Payment is RM80 X 4 weeks RM 320 per month. 

Amcorp Mall Flea Market,
No  18 Persiaran Barat
46050 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia.

Saturday Venue :Lower Ground to 2nd Floor (Right Side )
Sunday Venue : Lower Ground to 3rd Floor   

Opening hours: 10am-5pm 


Starting today, Amcorp Flea Market has opened up its on-line flea market to on-line customers! 

We SELL and TRADE with Amcorp Flea Market website on line. Every item or merchandise has a self managed details and description of item. Customers can pay  by via
MayBank on-line or Paypal. 

It looks like a wonderful search and specific items search. 

Click here to check it out...Amcorp Flea Market Listing

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